Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winter Commission 1 of 2

Hello All!  I've been a busy busy bee this winter. I was fortunate enough to receive two commissions of multiple large paintings last fall.  The first was through the Ohio Arts Council's Percent for Art Program.  After a few months and meetings with the University of Akron's panel and representatives from the Ohio Arts Council, I was able to make two large paintings for the new National Polymer Research Center on U of A's campus. Thank you so much to the panel and Ken and Kathy at OAC!!! Here is an install shot of both paintings in the space; one is located in the stairwell and one on this angled stair wall. Also a special thank you shout out to my Bonfoey dudes, Jeff and Brandon, for being such pros. You guys rule.

Here are images of the paintings themselves:

Fissure, acrylic, ink and spray paint on linen, 36 x 120 inches, 2015

Edge, acrylic, ink, and spray paint on linen, 72 x 48 inches, 2015

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