Monday, September 3, 2012

Work and Play

Hi All!  Hope everyone is having a relaxing play day, labor day.  I, however, am having a serious work day, since my husband and I played pretty hard yesterday.  We went to a wonderful party at the home of our dear friends John Stewart, and down the hall, Dan Miller & John Kalman (the former, brilliant designer with The Tartan Group, and the latter, witty owner and associate of Rotten Meat Gallery, all conveniently located in the same building in midtown at 40th and Kelley).  Thanks fellas! 

In the spirit of labor day, and mentioning some of the talented people I know, and sweating my buns off in the studio, I wanted to share some photos of me at work on the current monster painting and at play just horsing around, all shot by the diminutive, the gentle, the elegant, Rose Marincil.  Have a great holiday everyone!





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