Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am my father's daughter.

Thought I'd share an interesting story. As you may know, I work two days a week at The Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, doing web and graphic design, and general office assistance. A couple weeks ago Diane Schaffstein, a swell gal, and on staff appraiser/assistant director, explained how she and Tom were gathering art from a clients residence for storage during their move and came upon a painting signed Oldfather.  At first Diane thought it was mine but realized the style wasn't familiar to her. Upon inspecting the back, she found a tag from the Cleveland Museum of Art's May Show indicating the work to be of Mark Oldfather.

Mark Oldfather is my Dad.  He is a realist painter of amazing talent, in my not-so-humble opinion. :) He gathered some attention in the 1970s (while in his 20s), participated in the May Show a few times, and was pursued by some top notch galleries.  However, he soon became a father, and has not exhibited since I was born thirty-three years ago. Dad taught me how to mix oil color from Alizarn Crimson, Cad Red Medium, a couple Cad Yellows, French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White when I was just a kid.  Although my pallet has expanded a bit to include some Cobalts, Deeps, and Veridians, the foundation stuck with me.  Perhaps that is why, after touching up the edges of "Anima Study" (where the previous frame rabbit had lifted the paint) so that Bonfoey could put it in a nice hand-gilded floater frame, I was shocked to see it on the wall with my work; the paintings looking to me as related as father and daughter.  Thinking of you this holiday Dad.  Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and Jolly New Year.