Monday, April 18, 2011

The last few days of VSC...

Only a few days left of the residency and I've been working madly to try to finish this last large painting (60 x 93 inches) and the smaller one on the easel (36 x 24 inches). I'm giving myself the rest of today, and all day tomorrow. I want to keep Wednesday and Thursday as non-painting days so they can dry good and solid before I drive them home on Friday some 600 miles. I feel confident they will be finished in time. The two smaller paintings in the picture (Winter Star & Winter Moon) are completed. Altogether I will have finished 9 paintings and at least 1 paper work (Wednesday and Thursday will be paper work days) during my month stay at the Vermont Studio Center. I am very happy and hope to do a residency at least once every other year, if not every year - in other places as well as Vermont (depending on where I can get accepted). I double checked with Randall and he says that's cool. :)

See you soon Cleveland!

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