Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's a Mooooonster!

It's a monster new painting! I'm doing a 3 foot by 10 foot, three paneled painting for the show at eo art lab in October and really enjoying working big. Wish I could work big all the time but the studio is tiny - with dreams of grandeur. Works in progress and blank surfaces ready for paint spill into the hallway adjacent and threaten to take over the rest of the apartment. What can I say, I've got a patient and loving boyfriend. Thanks babe.

Its been hairy getting ready for the show but setting strict deadlines has really paid off and I'm feeling pretty good about it now. eo art just let me know I will be one of 5 artists they take to the AFF in New York City this fall (the weekend before my show opens in Connecticut). Check out the work here. Or check out the fair if you're in NYC September 30 - October 3.

Happy summertime everyone!


acl said...

Glad to hear about the aaf. keep up the amazing awesome work!

Dana Oldfather said...

Thank you so much!