Friday, November 7, 2008

POV Evolving Gallery in LA

This week I submitted some of my work to POV Evolving – an art print shop and gallery in LA. They are including one of my new paper pieces Pinky into the first print VOTE-A-THON. The two artworks that get the most votes will be printed and sold by the gallery.

So please, go to this link sometime BEFORE NOVEMBER 30:

All you have to do is enter your name, an email address, a password, and make sure to uncheck the box at the bottom before you click “create new account” so you wont get any emails from them. Then you will be at the voter screen.

Find my image, vote for me, and select submit my vote at the top of the page.

To all of you who can take time out of your busy day to help me out – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If you can't get to it today, please check it out sometime between now and November 30 (my birthday!) cause that's when voting ends. Thank you everyone!

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