Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cleveland Postal Service

I mailed out a very small amount of invites to the Tri-C show this month. 20 exactly - which was the perfect amount for a book of postcard stamps. After patiently waiting in line for approximately 20 minutes at the Cleveland post office on Orange Avenue, I was digging to find the only teller in the place exact change when she huffily exclaimed that the 4 x 6 inch postcard invitations in my hand "aren't post cards! Those are too big to be post cards." At which point I frustratedly handed her the remaining coins owed and replied that I would deal with the issue at home. "They'll come back if you put them on there", she advised of my inadequate postage. I walked to my car, headache pain increasing with each step, sat down in the driver seat and put the stamps on my cards. Immediately as I returned to Tremont I walked to the post box on the corner and dropped the invites inside. I was hoping, definately carelessly, that the Cleveland postal division will continue its efforts to be, at times, the laziest, stupidest or perhaps just the nicest branch of the USPS... My mother called to tell me she received her invitation today.

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